Weekly IT Newsletter – May 12-16, 2014

Microsoft Exchange:

· The UC Architects Podcast Ep38 – 13-May-2014

· OAB Improvements in Exchange 2013 Cumulative Update 5 – 13-May-2014

· MEC 2014 Highlights Session – 13-May-2014

· Script to Download All the TechEd NA 2014 Videos and Slides – 14-May-2014

· Why Exchange Admins should learn PowerShell – 12-May-2014

· Hybrid Exchange 2007/2013 and Lync EWS Integration – 14-May-2014

· Top Support Solutions for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 – 12-May-2014

· Error “Some or All Identity References Could Not Be Translated” When Adding Members to Exchange Server 2013 Database Availability Group – 17-May-2014

Microsoft Lync:

· Lync 2013 Client Update – May 2014 – 13-May-2014

· Script: Get-CsFederatedConversationDetails.ps1 – See Stats About Conversations With Specific Federated Domains – 13-May-2014

· Microsoft Lync collaboration app updated for Android tablets – 13-May-2014

· Citrix XenDesktop Now Certified Supported on Lync 2013 – 14–May-2014

· Download All the Tech-Ed North America 2014 Videos and Slides – 16-May-2014

· Whitepaper : Managing Large and Structured Meetings with Lync 2013 – 13-May-2014

· Lync RGS and sim-ring – 16-May-2014

· Issue Adding Users to Persistent Chat Rooms – 15-May-2014

· Failed to publish voice routing configuration – 12-May-2014

· Lync IP Phones – VVX Media Phone Alternative – 7-May-2014

· Lync Enterprise Voice oneliner: Find users with LineURI – 16-May-2014

· Polycom VVX Phone and Sound Point – Password character limitation – 12-May-2014

· Issue Completely Disabling Photos in Lync 2013 – 12-May-2014

· Configuring the Polycom VVX range for Lync – 15-May-2014

· AudioCodes 440HD SIP Phone Review – 18-May-2014

Active Directory:

· AD Certificate Services not starting due to database in Dirty Shutdown – 15-May-2014

· Moving DirSync Between Active Directory Forests – 12-May-2014

· A Look Back at KB2953095 Mitigation Option: Using Group Policy to Open RTFs in Protected View – 12-May-2014

· A strange case of Admin group memberships – 12-May-2014

Office 365:

· Choosing a sign-in model for Office 365 – 13-May-2014

· Office 365 news round-up – 16-May-2014

· Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication (Part 1) – 15-May-2014

· Channel 9 Live: Cloud for IT Professionals | TechEd North America 2014 – 12-May-2014

· Changes to default address lists in Exchange Online – 16-May-2014

· DirSync and Distribution Group Self Service Management – 5-May-2014

· Deploying an Exchange 2013 Hybrid Lab Environment in Windows Azure (Part 7) – 13-May-2014

· News from Microsoft TechEd 2014 – Key Hybrid Cloud Announcements – 14-May-2014

· TechEd Keynote | TechEd North America 2014 – 11-May-2014

Windows Azure:

· New Azure services announced at TechEd 2014 – 13-May-2014

· Azure RemoteApp Deep Dive | TechEd North America 2014 – 11-May-2014

· General availability of the two most requested features for Azure Virtual Network – 15-May-2014

· Windows Azure Pack: Configuring Remote Desktop Gateway for VM Console Access – 15-May-2014

Windows Server 2012 & Windows Server 2012 R2:

· How to Clean up the WinSxS Directory and Free Up Disk Space on Windows Server 2008 R2 with New Update – 13-May-2014

· Sessions at TechEd Houston 2014 from the Cluster team – 16-May-2014

Windows 8 & Windows 8.1:

· Windows 8.1 Update becomes mandatory 30 days later – 12-May-2014

· Microsoft overhauls Windows 8.1 Store today, makes finding things easier (and handsomer) – 13-May-2014

Windows Phone:

· Windows Phone 8.1 picks up first update, improves battery life and squashes bugs – 14-May-2014

· LG set to return to Windows Phone 8.1 with recent leak – 13-May-2014

· Spotify releases massive update with new design, radio and more – 13-May-2014

· Amazon rebrands its Windows Phone app, adding new functionality – 13-May-2014

· How to delete all photos and videos from your camera roll on Windows Phone – 13-May-2014

· Windows Phone 8.1 will now backup your High Resolution Lumia photos to OneDrive – 16-May-2014

Microsoft Office:

· Outlook’s new advanced rules let you get hyper-specific – 13-May-2014

· Outlook users can now join Hangouts with new Google plug-in – 16-May-2014

· Webinar: 8 great timesavers in Outlook – 12-May-2014

· Get more done with Tell Me – 15-May-2014

· Using OneNote to make your small business profitable and enjoyable – 14-May-2014

SharePoint & Office Web App Server:

· SharePoint 2013: Workflow Manager Installation & Configuration Step by Step – 13-May-2014

· Tales from a SharePoint 2010 Migration to 2013; Part III – 14-May-2014

· SharePoint 2013 with SAML Claims and SharePoint Hosted Apps – 16-May-2014

· OneDrive for Business updates user experience – 13-May-2014

· SharePoint 2013 with SAML Claims and SharePoint Hosted Apps – 16-May-2014


· SQL Server 2014 is Customer Tested! – 14-May-2014

· Top Support Solutions for SQL Server 2012 – 12-May-2014

· Webinar: Make the Most of Power BI with SQL Server 2014 & Azure – 15-May-2014

System Center:

· Top Support Solutions for System Center 2012 Service Manager – 16-May-2014

· Top Support Solutions for System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection – 16-May-2014

· Top Support Solutions for Microsoft System Center 2012 Data Protection Manager – 16-May-2014

· SCOM 2012 R2 agents don’t upgrade to UR2 – 12-May-2014

· KB: Event 4001 in the Operations Manager log during SQL Server 2012 monitoring – 12-May-2014

· Packaging OpsMgr 2012 R2 Agent WITH Update Rollup in ConfigMgr 2012 – 15-May-2014

· System Center 2012 R2 Icons – 15-May-2014

· Cool Tools: Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter 2.0 – 13-May-2014

· Top Support Solutions for System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager – 16-May-2014

· ConfigMgr 2012 R2 Console Extension – Start RDC based upon a Device IP address – 14-May-2014

· SCC Health Check Reports Error: Query Execution Failed For Dataset ‘OperationsManagerAll’ – 13-May-2014

· New KB Article: Port Monitoring Still Runs After Task ‘Disable Port Monitoring’ – 12-May-2014

· Applying OM12 R2 UR#2: My Personal Experiences – 12-May-2014

· System.Management.Automation.IncompleteParseException for a PowerShell script from my Management Pack – 12-May-2014


· MS14-027: Vulnerability in Windows shell handler could allow elevation of privilege – 13-May-2014

· MS14-025: Description of the security update for Group Policy Preferences for systems that have update 2919355 installed – 13-May-2014

· Cumulative Update 5 for Exchange Server 2013 – 15-May-2014

· You cannot renew the IP address after the system time synchronizes in Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 – 15-May-2014

· An update is available to enable the use of Local ADMX files for Group Policy Editor – 13-May-2014

· High CPU usage when you synchronize a mobile device to an Exchange Server CAS – 16-May-2014

· How to determine the appropriate page file size for 64-bit versions of Windows – 15-May-2014

· AD DS or AD LDS responds slowly to complex LDAP query that has a deeply nested filter on Windows server – 13-May-2014

· Windows Communications Apps update for Windows 8 and Windows RT – 13-May-2014

· The domain field in the BlackBerry Administration Service login page is missing when using Microsoft Active Directory authentication – 14-May-2014

· Email messages are not received 7 days after regenerating an encryption key – 12-May-2014

· You receive “not enough memory” errors in Outlook when you have lots of cached public folders – 15-May-2014

· Prompt for credentials for O365 mailbox with EnableRememberPwd set to 0 – 13-May-2014

· Update 2863819 for Outlook 2010: May 13, 2014 – 13-May-2014

· Outlook clients may be unable to set OOF status or view Free busy in an Exchange Server 2013 coexistence environment – 15-May-2014

· Slow Outlook Web App performance when accessed through Internet Explorer 8 – 12-May-2014

· Cannot access shared files or folders on a drive in Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2 – 13-May-2014

· Drive Maps preferences are still displayed in Group Policy RSoP after they are removed or disabled – 15-May-2014

· Changed cluster properties revert to default values on cluster nodes that run Windows Server 2012 – 13-May-2014

· A sandboxed process crashes in OneDrive on a computer that is running Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 – 13-May-2014

· Computer that is running Windows freezes after stress testing in iSCSI initiator for many hours – 13-May-2014

· The DNS service takes a long time to start on a DNS server that is running Windows Server 2012 – 13-May-2014

· “The CA certificate could not be retrieved, element not found” error occurs when the CA server host name is longer than 52 characters – 13-May-2014

· Can’t back up the system state on a computer that’s running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 – 13-May-2014

Downloads & Recent Releases:

· Exchange 2013 Platform Options – 12-May-2014

· Successful Meetings with Lync 2013 – 16-May-2014

· May 2014 Security Release ISO Image – 13-May-2014

· Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 – 12-May-2014

· Autoruns v12.0 and Procdump v7.0 released – 14-May-2014

· Security Trends in the Public Sector – 16-May-2014

· Windows Management Framework 5.0 Preview May 2014 – 14-May-2014

· Debug Diagnostic Tool v2 Update 1 – 14-May-2014

· Agents for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 – 12-May-2014

· Microsoft Visual Studio Premium 2013 with Update 2 – 12-May-2014

Scripts & PowerShell:

· What’s new in PowerShell 5.0 – 16-May-2014

· Introduction to PowerShell Scheduled Jobs – 12-May-2014

· How to get notifications if mailbox item count reaches a certain number – 14-May-2014

· Set Exchange 2013 Name Space & Virtual Directories – 16-May-2014

· Weekend Scripter: Best Practices for PowerShell Scripting in Shared Environment – 17-May-2014

· Find users who are AD disabled but are not hidden from the GAL (then hide them) – 15-May-2014

· Advanced PowerShell Scheduled Jobs – 15-May-2014

· List member servers that are not monitored by SCOM – 13-May-2014

· Windows Management Framework 5.0 Preview May 2014 is now available – 14-May-2014

· Modify Content Filter Configuration in Microsoft Exchange 2010 – 16-May-2014

· How to manage distribution groups synced from on-premise AD in cloud side – 15-May-2014

· How to reset all users password in a given OU (VBScript) – 12-May-2014

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